Meet Regan

I am a therapist because I love people: their stories, their questions, their dreams, and their doubts. I provide a safe space for every part of you, and every part of your story. My education and training, the people I encounter, and the paths of pain and healing in my own story have been faithful teachers of the geography of the soul, of suffering, and of growth and change.

My work is grounded in solid training and tested philosophies of care and practice. Because I have a holistic perspective, I seek to integrate the realities and strengths of mind, body, and spirit. Being a spiritually-integrated therapist does not mean that I require my clients to embrace a particular religion or way of thinking– or any spiritual interest at all. It simply means that I seek to nurture the soul, as well as the mind, body, and emotions. To heal, we must listen to and care for the whole self. To be spiritually-integrated allows for the opportunity to connect with something larger within us and beyond us–and what that means is different for every person. If your faith or spiritual practice is a vital part of your identity and life, we can explore together how that may resource you in your healing journey.

I gain personal and professional nourishment and health from running, writing, time spent outdoors, and from my steadfast community of friends and family. The ebb and flow of life remind me that struggle is real. But there is peace to be found. I can help you explore your hope for change in a safe and confidential environment. Together we will compassionately bring affirmation, clarity, and empowerment to your life.

I believe that what you experience, feel, and want are incredibly important. I believe you are resilient, and have more strength and courage yet to be discovered. I can help you find light for the path. You are not alone in your challenge and effort toward progress.

My life began in Oklahoma, took me through Pennsylvania for graduate school, and brought me to the mountains of North Carolina in 2003. While I maintain my practice in North Carolina, I am currently located in Oklahoma where I am also licensed and practicing. I am currently meeting with all clients via online sessions, also known as telehealth. In-person sessions may resume once safety measures in response to Covid-19 are no longer necessary.

Do you want something more for yourself, and for your life? What a beautiful desire. I would love to meet you.


• M.S. Community Counseling, Western Carolina University
• MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary
• B.S., Family Relations and Child Development, Oklahoma State University

Licensed in North Carolina (LCMHC #8816) and Oklahoma (LPC #7556)

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