Though it may feel like a difficult step to take, there are a variety of reasons for seeking counseling and you are not alone in this challenge. It is a true privilege to sit with folks who are willing to take the courageous step of dealing with struggle or conflict.

You may be seeking personal or relational growth, or want to engage in a collaborative process of goal setting and redirection. The state of living in disunity and personal stagnation is contrary to our design and purpose. Experiencing this can be painful, confusing, and unsatisfying. We rarely experience true and lasting change without the help and support from others.

Wellspring Counseling provides the valuable opportunity to explore both personal trouble and desired change in a confidential and safe setting, which allows for honesty, challenge, collaboration, affirmation, and growth.



As a counselor I work with individuals ages 18 and older,and my scope of practice includes, but is not limited to:

* Counseling related to your job or career may be tax deductible if you are a business owner.



Session length is 60 minutes
Session rate is $110.00

 Discounted rate for college students: Please ask for rate.

I provide an invoice that you can send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. I currently do not file insurance.

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